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If you have your own practice, I am sure you have had the debate or the quiet moment of contemplation over whether you should have a professional medical billing team on your side.  What are the pros and cons and is it worth the investment?  Overall, would it lead to a more successful business?

Ultimately, it is in your best interest, your staff’s best interest, and more to the point – the patient’s to outsource.

There are many reasons and all of them should be evaluated, however in the context of keeping this relevant and simple – there are patient centric reasons.  First and foremost is patient care is increased.  Errors are decreased overall.  Those two reasons alone allow for more money and a better cash flow in your business.  Finally, an important one to not be overlooked is compliance.

While there are many plates spinning in the air that an individual practitioner has to balance, one of the more integral questions has become the subject of billing.  Not only compliant and appropriate billing, but consistent as well, has become a dubious task in the recent years.   Obviously there are many factors that decide if an outside firm should be a part of the practice’s team, but in such an unpredictable and tumultuous future of healthcare – it almost begs the question how can it not be?  Realize there are many more reasons than 5 or 10, but healthcare and insurances have changed, they are patient-centric, and complicated.  And as a provider and a patient we owe each other our best, and to save us from the worst.  Outsourcing may be the best way to do that, and regain some time outside of work – to deliver even better patient care.

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